What it’s like writing personal stuff on the Internet

cat at computer

A little over a month ago, I pitched a feature story to a website that I’m a fan of, Hello Giggles. It’s a women’s lifestyle website with plenty of interesting, first-person stories about the highs and lows of life for women of my general demographic, mixed with op-ed style pieces about current affairs that relate to women, and lighter, fun, humorous articles reminiscent of Buzzfeed (but with more depth). Anyway, I really like the site, and as an aspiring writer seeking a little bit of exposure, I was over the moon when they agreed to publish it.

Despite my impending Internet fame and glory, however, I couldn’t really tell many people about it – because I didn’t want them to read it. The story I sent to Hello Giggles was about what it’s like to have your first kiss in your twenties. Continue reading




no regretsMost people on diets will eat food that they shouldn’t. It’s near impossible to stick to a healthy eating plan and the occasional inability to resist temptation is inevitable at some point. This is traditionally followed by a brief period of self-flagellation and guilt over the consumption of a forbidden food item, followed by a renewal of vows to stick to the plan and only eat celery for the rest of the week.

If, like me, you’ve signed up to any kind of online fitness plan or are somehow holding yourself accountable to someone, this can be extended to posting a confession in the forums or on social media or a blog. Usually along the lines of “I slipped up, my emotions got the better of me, and today I ate a chocolate bar.” The audience is usually sympathetic to the plight of the sinner and they offer up words of encouragement and support, often with a pledge to help the guilty one get back on track with their healthy eating.

Well. I’m not one of those people. Continue reading