In 2013, I:

  • Crashed my car…and bought a new one
  • Was in a relationship for the first time
  • Started my first fulltime job
  • Graduated with a masters degree
  • Joined my church band and played for many services
  • Met and started dating the most amazing guy on earth
  • Said goodbye and went from living in a 3 cat household…to a 2 cat household
  • Spent new year’s eve with friends

In 2014, I hope to:

  • Complete the 12 week body transformation challenge and become a little more fit and healthy…and learn how to cook
  • Write and submit something to a publication once a month
  • Read more
  • Think about the nature of God more and formulate better-informed opinions on a range of spiritual and ethical issues relating to Christian living.
  • Grow my relationship with my wonderful boyfriend even more

And blog about it all as a way of keeping track.