Why this “contraceptive chip” would be great

contraceptive chip microchipIn July this year, a US tech startup called MicroCHIPS announced their latest product in development: a contraceptive microchip. The tiny chip would provide birth control for up to 16 years and – the best part – could be turned on and off via remote control.

Strangely (or predictably?), the immediate response to this news was suspicion. Suspicion that the device could be easily hacked.

I don’t know, when I read the news, my initial response was “where do I sign up for this, right now?” (It’s still in the development and trials stages, so it’s still very unavailable at this stage.)

You see, I think this sounds fantastic. Fantastic for so many reasons. Continue reading


Why “anti-rape” nail polish is empowering, not victim-blaming

anti rape nail polishA talented team of students from North Carolina State University have developed a nail polish called ‘Undercover Colors‘. As well as making your nails look pretty, the polish will also change colour in the presence of date rape drugs if your drink has been spiked. To double check your beverage is safe, all the wearer needs to do is dip a finger into the drink and give it a stir.

From their Facebook page, “while date rape drugs are often used to facilitate sexual assault, very little science exists for their detection. Our goal is to invent technologies that empower women to protect themselves from this heinous and quietly pervasive crime.” Continue reading