What’s in your handbag?

what's in your bagLook at this. A bag of mystery. What’s inside it?

Apparently, women posting about the contents of their handbag (or “purse”)(it’s not a purse, it’s a handbag) on the internet is a thing. And I’m okay with that, as trivial as it seems. I lug this thing around with me everywhere, every day, and it’s full of everything from essential items to utter crap. There’s a small part of me that is curious to know what other women are lugging around with them.

So to kick start a new year of bloggistry, I figured why not pick something completely pointless to talk about, yet one that’s strangely voyeuristic? Something other equally curious types might find interesting?

It’s probably worth pointing out that I gave my handbag a clean out just a few days before taking these pictures. Normally I would find all sorts of bizarre and long-forgotten useless items languishing in there. I have been known to carry around up to three partially filled bottles of water because I simply didn’t realise that others were still in there.

Today, it’s mostly essentials for the Average Day at Work.

hangbag contents

Ta da. Feast your eyes! It’s a collection of random things on the floor! And now I’m going to talk about them.

  1. A canvas bag which came free with an online Sportsgirl purchase. I use this for whenever I need to pick up a few groceries in my lunch break to avoid needing a plastic bag from the supermarket.
  2. Stainless steel water bottle from Kleen Kanteen. Won this as part of a prize pack of ethical goodies and have been carting it around with me to work ever since, and regretting this every day when I plonk the full 800mL into my bag on top of everything else to carry for my 20 minute walk to the train station. It has dramatically increased my water intake though.
  3. Tissues. Always, always, always have tissues. Because if you don’t need them, your friends will, and they will ask you for tissues because they know you always have them.
  4. A lipstick (for you makeup nerds out there, it’s Maybelline 14-Hour Super Stay in Fuschia Forever – lies, it does not last that long!), a chapstick (green apple flavour – can’t find them anywhere, makes me sad, it’s the best) and a perfume sample (Lady Million).
  5. Book to read on the train. I’ve just started Slow Death by Rubber Duck.
  6. Keys. Clearly.
  7. Wallet. Self explanatory.
  8. Random papers and rubbish, this week featuring a guide to refrigeration storage times to stick on the fridge and settle discussions between myself and husband about how long it’s safe to keep food in there, plus movie tickets from seeing the third Hobbit in Gold Class with aforementioned husband.
  9. Pens. Two of them. #alwaysprepared
  10. Sunglasses in a beaten-up case that has birds on it.
  11. Now THIS is what I call a “purse”: a coin purse. This one doesn’t have coins though. It has secret lady supplies.
  12. Phone, soon to be replaced with a new one that has a fully functional screen.
  13. iPod.
  14. Umbrella, which I bought in Thailand in case it rained. It did rain but we never needed this one. Now I carry it just in case.
  15. Band Aids. Essential.
  16. Opal card for public transport. You’d think the best place for this would be the wallet, right? With the other cards? Wrong! Because then I’d need to fish around in my Mary Poppins bag for my wallet every time I get on or off a train. This hangs out separately in the front pocket of my bag for easy access.
  17. Dental floss!
  18. This one’s a bit weird. It’s a scented herbal sachet thing that you’re meant to put in drawers with clothes to make them smell nice. But after a Forgotten Banana Incident a while back, my bag was in desperate need of some nice scent. It stayed there ever since. (The herbal sachet, not the banana.)
  19. Hand sanitiser – mainly for use when I’ve somehow spilled something on my hands or eaten a sticky donut and am nowhere near a washbasin. Don’t contribute to the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria by using this stuff all the time, you guys.
  20. Random hair things.
  21. Tic Tacs, spearmint.
  22. Nail clippers, thanks to my compulsive habit of picking at my nails all the time.
  23. A small hand mirror that my Nana gave me.

So there you have it! If you’ve ever wanted to know what’s in my bag on a daily basis, that gives you a good idea. Also, it’s a little strange that you’d be wanting to know that, especially if you’ve never met me. But hey, it’s all good. NOW YOU KNOW!

Stay tuned for much more interesting future posts this year, with more meaningful content and things.

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