12 Week Body Transformation review: halfway through

12wbt reviewI’m now officially just over halfway through the 12 week body transformation. Plus, I haven’t been updating this much, so I thought I’d post a bit of a review. I guess the first question is, at the halfway point, am I still following the program?


Since the first week, I had elected to use the program as “guidelines, rather than actual rules”. What this meant is that while I didn’t necessarily follow the prescribed workout routines or diet plans to the letter, I used them to guide myself towards healthier habits. I’ve been mostly sticking to the recipes, eating healthier foods, but I still snack through the day (on things like healthy banana muffins or fruit) and if there’s cheesecake in the fridge at work? Of course I’m having free cheesecake.

As for the workout plans – well, the workout plans. Continue reading