Where are all the pessimistic exercisers?

Pessimistic exercisersI have yet to start the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation. The program will kick off in about a week’s time, starting from the 3rd of February, at which point I will finally knuckle down and start doing regular exercise…and also saying a wistful goodbye to delicious things such as Belgian waffles.

However, as part of the program, I’ve been going through ‘pre season tasks’ set by the 12WBT crew. Most of the time this involves watching a video where Michelle talks to camera about the need to organise and diarise your workouts, how to clean out the junk from your pantry, goal setting, and so on. Part of the task also often involves making a post in the forums.

And there’s this attitude that I’ve noticed seeping into every single part of the online dialogue:

Everyone is so bloody positive and optimistic. Continue reading